Connie Blumenthal

The Most Seasoned Real Estate Connoisseur in Greater Seattle and Mercer Island Luxury Real Estate Markets

Hello, Seattle. Remember me?

Dear Seattle,

Remember me, your native daughter?  Born and raised here, we've seen each other grow up over the years.
I remember working downtown at my fathers store at 2nd and Union, before the Seattle Art Museum was built their beautufil building here and, of course, the hammering (not so much now) man came to town.
I worked at Nordstroms store #1 back in the day when Mr. John and Mr. Bruce were always in the store.  Getting my coffee at Monorail Expresso and flowers from the lady that worked in the Westlake triangle before Westlake Center was built.
You've grown up.  You're a culturally diverse city-even more so now.  People move here from all parts of the world-I know, I've been helping them find new homes.  I feel like I'm you're biggest fan-constantly telling them where to go, what to see, where to eat, even helping them connect with others in the city.
You're home to more than just Nordstroms and Microsoft now-Amazon, F5, and others make their corporate headquarters here, putting us on the map.
I'm happy that you've added a few more restuarants and chefs since then as well.  You used to go to bed so early!
So, like you, I've been busy.  Been traveling.  Meeting people around the Globe.  Telling them about you.  I tell them we're more than just the Space Needle (happy birthday, by the way).  That our area has grown, but thanks to our water and mountains, we've been lucky not to have grown too much.
And between all the raindrops, there are great reasons to  be here.  Now, I'd like to show them.  I've assembled some friends, all known in their field to provide some back stage passes, if you will, to what's going on in the city.  We'll have the red carpet out, showcasing some of the cities best and brightest events and activities and those that are joining the party.  Invite your friends, send our link to those you know, facebook us, tweet us, join us in celebrating "Northwest Style" Living well and living graciously.

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