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Thinking of fashion as a way to encourage positive change!

Can fashion bring change? We say “yes” but one must first ask what type of change we are referring to. Of course we recognize the change to one’s mood and appearance if we substitute our plush cashmere ensemble for the timeless ‘Little Black Dress and crystal sling backs’, but here at Luly Yang Couture we also like to think about how fashion can bring about personal, social and philanthropic change. “Good design can bring about social and environmental change. Being surrounded by beautiful things evokes positive emotions. This, in turn, encourages us to live better and be better. My dream is to create a magical place for our guests, ourselves, and our community…” States Luly.

By ‘good design’ we are referring to our environment, the home we live in, the landscape that surrounds us and even the clothing we choose wear. Whether we are attending the Academy Awards or a Luly Yang Runway Show, our work in fashion design

contributes to a woman’s confidence, femininity and beauty. We have all had that “wow” moment when we slip into that perfect outfit and it feels as though we are standing taller and the day brighter – this is the ‘good design’ that Luly is referring to. Most importantly, when we feel great, surrounded by a fabulous environment, it becomes that much easier to live better and do better. At the end of the day it is about what we did with what we have that made a difference. It might seem astonishing that something as simple as an outfit can accompany you in accomplish something so very profound, but at Luly Yang Couture we fully believe in this wonderful idea.

In her commentary referencing Luly’s 2010 Ocean Show Alison Brownigg of The NWSource writes: “And what a show it was, attended by a well-heeled and generous crowd of admirers, who showed their support of Seattle’s Children’s Hospital to the tune of over $28,000 in donations to the uncompensated care fund and pediatric research.”  Perhaps it was the fabulous scenery our guests were surrounded by or the models clad in our fashions on the runway – whatever it was, we can be assured that the magical ambience that night made our guests realize the difference they can make in our community. Perhaps they believe in the magic and dreams of Luly Yang.


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