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Craving Capitol Hill With Savor Seattle Tours

Hello fellow goodies! For those of you who love food and think you know where it is in Seattle, think again. Spotlight Seattle would like to say hello and introduce you to our friends at Savor Seattle tours.

Savor Seattle Food Tours brings you along on a sneak peak at our newest tour, due to kick off in a mere 19 hours. Double exciting!

I won’t go into TOO much detail because, after all, this is a SNEAK peek as opposed to a “let’s read that blog post and then it’s just like we went on the tour” peek. If you did that, you would miss out on all of the history, trivia, and corny jokes provided by our tour guides. Not to mention the fact that you would have nobody to protect you from the raging drivers and hipsters that are native to Capitol Hill. And besides, if you were to print out this post and eat it, I’m willing to bet that it would be far less tasty. Yes, even with ketchup.

I had the pleasure today of joining Caroline and Ezra as they led a full tour around lower Capitol Hill and into the Pike/Pine area. Fortunately, Seattle gave us some fantastic weather to work with – 70 degrees and sunny! I knew you had it in you, Seattle.

The tour kicked off at Victrola Coffee Roasters, one of Seattle’s premier micro-roasters, where we were fortified with both a knowledge and tasting of coffee sourced from around the world. I’m personally more of a tea drinker, but my experience at Victrola opened my eyes (perhaps it was the caffeine) to the reason why so many people in Seattle are self-proclaimed aficionados of java.

The next stop I would like to mention is a rather unassuming place that, until today, was just one of those random places I walked past on the way to my friendly local game store. Crossing the threshold of Travelers was like walking into a different country. The owner and head chef of this Indian restaurant/grocery/gift shop paused his day to share his story with us and talk a bit about some of the samples that I, for one, very thoroughly enjoyed.

Travelers, a fantastic place for Indian food, spices, and teas.


Further up the street into the heart and essence of Capitol Hill we ventured into Eltana Bagel Cafe. I’ve had a lot of bagels in my 27 years. Let me rephrase. For a person who does not live in or come from New York, I’ve eaten many bagels. Unfortunately, I grew up on generic store-bought bagels (don’t tell my Long Island born wife) and until visiting a friend in New York City 3.5 years ago, I hadn’t had anything close to a “real” bagel. In comparison to the wood-fired bagels at Eltana, every other bagel I’ve had is reminiscent of a circular piece of memory foam.


Bagel rack at Eltana Bagel Cafe


A few summers ago when the weather in Seattle became dreadfully hot by Seattle standards, I decided to make some ice cream. I like challenges. Dissolving sugar into cream with some flavoring and tossing it into a machine just didn’t feel challenging enough to me, so I researched frozen custard. My creation turned out wonderfully, but as tasty nor as creative as the frozen custard at Old School Frozen Custard. Malted Chocolate? Orange Creamsicle? English Toffee? Yes, please.


Old School Frozen Custard Board


And that’s all you get! You’ll have to go on the tour to experience the rest of it. Okay, one more picture, but only because I like the way it turned out.


Shake Shake Beef


All of us at Savor Seattle hope to see you on our newest tour soon!






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