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Pegasus Preakness - Ending June 17th

Pegasus Preakness is rounding the home stretch, and we are thrilled to help spread the word during this last leg of their fundraiser. We have "Spotlighted" Pegasus once before, and look forward to sharing with you all Pegasus news and events in the future. I pulled info. on this wonderful online event from their website which is displayed below. There are still a few days left - Get in the race and help make a difference for this fantastic organization.

Here is the Pegasus Preakness description taken from Pegasus Project's website:

"Every year, the Ponies of Pegasus compete for your support in the "Pegasus Preakness, a fun & exciting on-line fundraising event. Over the course of 6 weeks, each pony will be hosting a web page of their own and inviting you through e-mails & the Pegasus Facebook page to support them by donating to their Preakness Page.

The pony who raises the most money will win the race, be crowned Pegasus Preakness Champion, and will have their name featured on the Tumbleweed Trophy (in honor of "Tumbleweed", the first ever Pegasus Preakness Champion."

"Lucy" Quarter Horse Mare

Birth Year: 2001 Lucy's laid back personality and even temperament have made her a favorite among staff and volunteers. With a history in western performance, Lucy is versatile enough to handle the beginner and the emerging independent rider alike.

Click Here to Help Lucy Win!

I've Raised $895 So Far!

"Storm" Morgan Gelding

Birth Year: 2000 Storm came to Pegasus in 2009 from across the mountains. One of the younger members of our herd, his broad, strong back and loving attitude make him a valuable addition to the Program.  His "quirky" personality as quickly made him a favorite with our riders and volunteers alike.

Click Here to Help Storm Win!

I've Raised $554 So Far!

"Noel" Fjord Mare

Birth Year: 2002 Noel, a Norwegian Fjord, came to Pegasus in 2007. She was a special acquisition for the program. Due to her size and temperament she is ideal for the hippotherapy program that is provided at Pegasus in collaboration with Children's Village.

Click Here to Help Noel Win!

I've Raised $502 So Far!

"Buddy" Quarter Horse Gelding

Birth Year: 1992 Coming to us from a volunteer, Buddy has miles of trails under his belt. His stocky build and white coat make him look like he should have a knight in shining armor to ride him. With a wide back and sensitive nature, Buddy loves his smaller riders with quiet hands.

Click Here to Help Buddy Win!

I've Raised $177 So Far!

"Arbitar" Morgan Cross

Birth Year: 1981 Arbitar began her career with Pegasus in February 2010. Her steady, unflapable nature and slow walk make her the perfect fit for our Hippotherapy program. She has a special touch with our younger, more active riders and acts as though she has been doing this her entire life.

Click Here to Help Arbitar Win!

I've Raised $151 So Far!

"Duchess"- 2010 "Preakness" Champion! Arabian Mare

Birth Year: 1985 Her smooth, easy-going walk and extreme patience make Duchess an ideal match for our more "involved" riders.  Duchess has been a cherished part of the Pegasus Project since the beginning, and has touched the lives of dozens of Pegasus riders over the years.

Click Here to Help Duchess Win!

I've Raised $150 So Far!

"Cookie" Arabian/Saddlebred/Quarter Horse Mare

Birth Year: 1983 Cookie is a retired dressage show horse. She came to Pegasus in 2005. Her flashy markings are often commented on by visitors to the ranch. An excellently trained horse, she has made trotting and cantering a reality for Pegasus riders.

Click Here to Help Cookie Win!

I've Raised $101 So Far!

"Jess" Appaloosa/Thoroughbred Gelding

Birth Year: 1988 In his former life as a feedlot and trail horse, Jess saw and did it all! Standing at 17 hands, and with his flashy Appaloosa markings, Jess definitely stands out in the herd. Don't let his size fool you though...this gentle "giant" is perfect for our emerging independent riders with his soft mouth and smooth gaits.

Click Here to Help Jess Win!

I've Raised $55.50 So Far!

"Fleeta" Shetland/Arabian/Welsh Mare

Birth Year: 1998 Fleeta's small size and even gait make her perfect for our hippotherapy program and our smaller riders. Don't let her cuteness blind you, there is a smart pony mind under all that hair. A quick, curious learner, Fleeta loves to investigate all the toys that are being used for lessons, and it doesn't take her long to acclimate to new things.

Click Here to Help Fleeta Win!

I've Raised $52 So Far!

"Snip" Grade Gelding

Birth Year: 1986 With his steady personality and slow gaits, Snip is perfect for the fearful rider. Originally owned by one of our volunteers, Snip's solid training makes him a great fit for riders who are beginning to ride independently.

Click Here to Help Snip Win!

I've Raised $51 So Far!





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