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Happy Hour Doesn't Get Much Better

Wow, has it ever been a busy week! Summer is in full swing and everyone is out enjoying life. It serves as a fantastic reminder of why we live in Seattle. Important news that I had promised to post on Monday: Our new tour, dubbed the“Gourmet Seattle Happy Hour Tour” is a slimmed down version of our normalGourmet Seattle Tour. Check it out and book quickly! Currently, the ONLY scheduled happy hour gourmet tour is this Saturday, July 2nd at 1:30pm.

For those of you who have been biting your nails in anticipation for Ezra’s peek into the Gourmet Kayak Tour (I certainly have been), worry not, it will be up in the near future. If I recall correctly, there was a laptop hard drive that suddenly decided to retire to a sandy beach in Mexico and sip margaritas for the rest of its days, thus delaying the post. In the meantime, let’s chat a bit about my latest summer-time obsession: Frozen Yogurt.

With the desire to eat healthier, I have willed myself to cut back on many of the good things in life, including candy (I am still very much a kid in this respect), chips (my weakness), other sweets, and alcohol. With these things went the occasional indulgence of Old School Frozen Custard. I still stop by occasionally when I convince myself to walk. It’s just far enough that I burn the calories from the custard walking there and back from my apartment.

However, when I am feeling particularly motivated to be healthy but still need something sweet, I like to head to one of many frozen yogurt dispensaries. Thus far, I have been to Red MangoCrazy CherryYogurtland, and Zoe Yogurt.

Red Mango and Crazy Cherry were both what I had come to expect from frozen yogurt shops. You pick a size, one (or more) of four flavors, and toppings, of which there are always plenty to choose from. I had been so far out of the frozen yogurt loop for so long that this was all I knew about frozen yogurt.

Zoe Yogurt and Yogurtland have both changed my fro-yo life. Not wanting to brave the ever present 12 person line at the nearest Yogurtland, I ventured to Greenlake to check out Zoe Yogurt. There I was met with a wall of 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt, including a few non-dairy soft serve sorbet options for our lactose intolerant friends.

I’m terrible at making decisions, and when faced with so many options I thought I might never be able to figure out what I wanted. Five minutes and six sample cups later, I had filled my container about half-full of delicious strawberry-lemonade sorbet and made my way over the buffet of toppings. I then proceeded to dump candy and fruit on top (because I’m trying to be healthy, right?) and proceeded to the register. I set my yogurt on a scale and was charged based on the weight of the whole thing rather than a base price plus a number of toppings, which I appreciated.

Of course, the mathematician in me started wondering if there were any one topping that I could fill a container with and save a little money over a similar grocery store purchase. My best bet was on either raspberries, almonds, or walnuts. Needless to say, I enjoyed the experience and the yogurt.





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