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Urban vs. Surburban

The setting of a new life stage marks a troubling dilemma for many developing families, newlyweds and young people. The choice? Life amidst busy shop- lined streets, restaurants, bars, and towering high rises or picture perfect rows of white picket fences, safe environments, shiny new lawn-mowers, and happy nuclear families occupying cozy cul-de-sacs. Ultimately, this lifestyle choice boils down preference. When deciding between the two, the back and forth of it all can be maddening. For some, the thought of leaving the city for a slower suburban lifestyle marks the end of youth - bidding farewell to the days of post office happy hour gatherings, gallery openings, and long dinners out. Perhaps the buzz of the city mimics the vibrance of youth, and the slower life behind the fences marks a different, much "older" life altogether.


Although the article below speaks of NYC, it rings true of any urban city - including our own, Seattle.

Urban VS Suburban

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