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Decidedly Decadent: 2011 Nordstrom Designer Preview Review

Thank you to SPOTLIGHT's Founder, Connie Blumenthal for covering the details of the Fall 2011 Designer Preview event last week; I now get to gush over the fun stuff: clothes.  

I gave myself the weekend to soak up the experience of Nordstrom and SAMS’ top notch fashion show.  When we can walk away from something spectacularly overwhelming the best will become obvious, because it will haunt you. I suggest this to my clients when buying art as well, step away, stop thinking about the decision and when you do, the right one will set up camp in your mind. That is exactly what has happened after this world-class event.

The designs presented were outstanding. So many moments of “Wow, I love that.”

The sea of color was spectacular. It was a moment you wish you could put into slow motion, focus in on every detail and absorb the mastery of how to dress.

The magenta chiffon shirtdress and red chiffon long-sleeved dress both took my breath away. The colors were as rich as humanly possible, while being displayed on a transparent chiffon fabric. How does that happen? How can the chiffon carry that richness? I can’t stop thinking about it.

This year, SAM and Nordstrom put on a fashion show that is, in my mind, unparalleled here in Seattle. Top quality show led by the brilliant Keith Wagner, the incredible staff of Nordstrom, including the ever-charming Ferdie Lopez was only shadowed by the cause it supports – art.

Thank you SAMS, thank you Nordstrom, and finally, thank you fashion lovers and art supporters for bringing nearly $150,000 to the Seattle Art Museum’s Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise.

You created an Elusive Paradise in the collections presented…I will dream of Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection for years to come.

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