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"Haute Hats"

Penny Butler's passion for artistic expression and couture fashion have fortunately collided in a pristine millinery studio right here in Seattle.

A lifelong artist through multiple mediums, Penny creates one-of-a-kind hats as an artistic extension of her retro-mod aesthetic and European sensibility. As a frequent traveler to Venice, Italy - Penny creates elaborate historical hats which are worn to evening balls and Venice’s annual Carnivale celebration.

"Right now I'm restoring a 1930's Paris couture sequined gown and making an Italian Renaissance Court costume for our upcoming trip," Penny says laughingly. "There's nothing more thrilling to me than creating something beautiful with paint or fabric and found objects."

Prime creative time for Penny is the late hours of the evening lasting through the wee hours of the morning. "My creative juices just seem to flow at night, and I lose all sense of time." Penny works with Millenary customers individually using only the highest quality materials and hand craftsmanship. Given Penny's insatiable je ne sais quoi, it is predictable that there will be many late nights ahead. Penny may be contacted at her email for more information.

Gina's Bridal Headpiece - This bridal piece was designed to complement a couture gown. Materials chosen were scaled to meet the dress design including vintage French veiling and Hand applied Swarovski crystals.

'Freeform' Summer Straw - Inspired by the delicacy of the hand dyed French ribbon and vintage crystal brooch, this straw hat was created using freeform technique. Freeform work is always a unique expression of three dimensional grace and flow and guarantee's one-of-a-kind originality.

When in Venice - The more outrageous that costume, the better.  Silk brocade and charmeuse hat, with vintage trim and over-the-top embellishment using crystals and dyed coque feathers.

Ascot - "Ya gotta have a big bold hat when the ponies run."  Trimmed with 1920's vintage black horse mane as the flowers center, this hat can be worn with virtually any view to the front.

Retro hat - Penny created a modern version of Mad Men glam using a vintage hat block and velour fur felt.

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