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I love movies, but admittedly will pass on the trip to the theater any time I can. The sticky floors, the unreasonably cold atmosphere (seriously, why are movie theaters always chilly?), the smell of movie theater popcorn - gag. So, I have long since resigned to being satisfied with trips to the movie store.  I will always remember pulling a VHS of my choosing off of a shelf inside Movie-ola.  They used to be off Woodinville-Duvall road, I doubt they're still there. Movie-night possibilities have evolved leaps and bounds since the mid-80's.  Streaming video is as easy as watching the news these days.  The only trouble now is in the choosing.

Enter IndieFlix. Boasting a library of literally thousands of films, IndieFlix is the next great thing in subscription based movie viewing. Their tag, "connecting people through movies," sums up their company atmosphere perfectly. "We are not selling films," Scilla explained in our chat inside Cherry Street Coffee House, "We're selling experiences."

More interestingly Scilla has found genius ways to extend that philosophy.  Meet Film Festival In A Box.

Have a look and the product description below, I can tell you from personal experience, this has become a smashing substitute for book-club among my group.

"Film Festival in a Box is the fun new interactive movie game that lets you and your friends hand out the award for Best Picture! Film Festival in a Box is made to spark conversations that will last for years to come, while awakening a new generation of audiences to the joy of independent film.

Invite friends over for wine and cheese. Watch four award winning short films then act as a jury and choose "Best Picture", Best Performance" and "Best Overall Story". Announce your vote online to notify the filmmakers and maybe even connect with them."

With four films in each box, and loads of "moods" to choose from, you will be hard pressed to find something you don't enjoy.  Pictured above is the "Potty Mouth" box.  Other categories include, "Comedies, Dark Comedies, Love, Fantastical, Chillers, and Adrenaline."

For those who have not yet seen or experienced Film Festival In A Box. Go! Leave now, order three, and come back for the rest of Scilla's interview. Here are a few spots to find them - IndieFlixUncommon Goods, and Fred Segal - Zero Minus Plus.

Now that you're back from your IndieFlix fix, we invite you to join our table. I had the great opportunity of meeting IndieFlix creator, Scilla Andreen the other day, and lucky for us, she obliged a few questions. Enjoy!

Your "tag" reads, "connecting people through movies."  What inspired this? "Movies are natural connectors. When I watch a good movie the first thing I want to do is talk about it with someone and in that process I learn about them and myself.  I believe that cinema should be utilized to entertain, enlighten and educate. We used to watch our favorite shows at the same time on the same evening and discuss the next day. It made us feel connected. Now because of DVR's and On Demand we can watch content whenever we want but don't have the same connection."

We watched the trailer on your website for "A Ruben by any other name." It looks charming and hilarious - how did you select movies like this for the Festival in a Box sets? "Honestly it's all about the story and how it fits into the overall programming and theme of the box. Above all, the films have to be entertaining and relatable. We test them with our guinea pigs who are everyday people who love movies.  I then approve and finalize all programming."

The box sets are unlike anything else on the market, especially for film buffs. Where can we find these? "In Seattle you can find them at NuBe Green on Capitol Hill or online at,, and soft surroundings. This holiday you'll be seeing them at Urban Outfitters and possibly Anthropologie."

What is something you can share with our readers that they won't find online? "The Kosher version - Guilt not included, is coming and early testing is giving us thumbs up across the board.  (available in the fall). Also the launch of the IndieFlix Movie Club. We will be featuring films exclusively each month that you can't get anywhere else. You can sign up monthly ($7.95) or for $49 get an annual membership. Lastly, September 26th we are declaring KIND week across the nation and we are releasing a film about girl bullying and what really goes on in Girl World.  Trailer -   You can help us by booking a screening at your school or organization. This film is a powerful tool that is absolutely transformative in a mere 72 minutes."

A big thank you to Scilla for sharing in the IndieFlix world, we are thrilled to see what's next.


Now if my new Film Festival In a Box would hurry up and get here, we'd really be in business.






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