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Go Green, Go Glam, Go Glamping.

"Green eggs, green ham, green living, so glam...." sounds a bit like the beginings of a Dr. Seuss story, agree?  I'll save you the rest as much as it pains me to stop rhyming...good timing. Enough!
In any case,  we scoured the net looking for a unique twist on a labor day favorite - camping. Sure there are RV rentals, KOA's, the Cabela's SuperTent, and of course, old faithful (your trusty coleman cooler), but have you considered Glamping?
I recently had the great pleasure of talking with GoGlamping Founder Garri Rayner, here's the scoop:

1) So, what defines "Glamping?"

The short answer is easy: 'glamping' is simply a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping.

Generally it refers to a style of camping where *almost* everything is laid on, kind of like an open-air hotel with varying degrees of luxuriousness and services, depending on your expectations and budget.  Our website, Go Glamping, gives you a good idea of the array of different glamping accommodation types available, from gypsy caravans to vintage Airstream trailers; from yurts to bell tents; from tipis to geodesic domes; from shepherds huts to tree houses.

 Although the concept of luxury camping is not new, the word 'glamping' is. It was first coined back in 2007 by a journalist visiting the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada.


2) Tell us a bit how the site began.

I started a site called Holiday Pad in 2005 which curates unique and one of a kind vacation rental ideas and unusual hotels (everyone is doing this now, hence why I decided to raise the bar with Hotel Haiku!).  Through my work with Holiday Pad I spotted a growing trend for luxury yurts, so I started to draw up plans for a dedicated website in 2007. The site made a quiet debut at the end of 2008 but was formally launched in January 2009.  It was the first website dedicated to this style of camping and is therefore the leading resource for glamping accommodation worldwide.  I work full-time on the site and actively promote it via traditional media, as well as online.  Right now I am redesigning and rebuilding the entire website for a relaunch later this year.


3) Which is your favorite US glamping destination?

Well, I'd have to say ALL of the places listed on our website, of which we only have 5 to choose from: GoGlamping USA


4) What can you tell our readers about Glamping that they might not find on your site?

It might be luxury camping but at the end of the day it's still camping, despite what the purists say.  Remember, you are still at the mercy of the environment, albeit with more comfort than traditional camping.  The level of service, and amenities, differ from place to place. At the high-end of the market you have resorts where the only things you need to bring are your toothbrush and a change of clothing. Everything is pretty much laid on, at a price. In some cases all meals and drinks are provided.

At the other end you have places, which are essentially more rustic versions of a typical self-catering vacation rental.  In each case you will always need to bring a sense of adventure. I keep hearing the same old argument against glamping, i.e. what's the point, why not stay in a 5 star hotel?  Sure, you can stay in a 5 star hotel but they're missing the point, not to mention missing the fun.

Glamping offers a different experience over hotels.

It's all about the experience.

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For more information, or a feast for your eyes, visting GoGlamping online.

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