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Buying in 3-D

As the art market has surged since its recovery in 2010, one of the leading segments has been 20th Century Sculpture.  While in the Classical Greek and Roman eras sculpture was the leading art form, truly painting as we know it, the technique of painting as we know it was not yet discovered.  But Since Medieval and Renaissance times, and into the early 20th Century, though sculpture was prized by scholars, curators and a smaller group of connoisseur collectors, it was less widely collection that paintings and the price of sculpture was only a fraction of what an equivalent work in oil on canvas may be.  Part of the reason for this wide price differential may have been that a piece modern sculpture was often cast in a series of 8-12 virtually identical bronzes, thereby reducing the perception of rarity and uniqueness.  Another reason may have been that collectors of generations past lived in highly decorative environments with period furniture, elaborate flourishes of drapery and wall coverings that was quite conducive to the hanging of Impressionist and early Modern paintings on the wall but at odds with the placement of large, aggressive works of sculpture. Read more SPOTLIGHTseatle Exclusive: David C. Norman on 3D Art.

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