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The Resurgent Hat

There is a certain bygone dignity to hats. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen out of vogue, not necessarily on the runway, but on Main Street where casual has been the mode since the 1960’s. Their precipitous decline has been attributed, erroneously, to JFK’s inauguration, where, as legend has it, he doffed his hat in favor of the naked head look. No doubt showing of his head of hair to the xx variety of constituents would have helped in early efforts at a reelection bid, but this urban legend is false. He wore a top hat six inches tall and removed it when he sat. Other theories suggest that hats fell out of fashion due to the shrinking of car sizes, but in all likelihood it was just the progressive influence of dressing down that caused them to disappear.

Whatever the case, hats are becoming popular once again all over the social spectrum, from Brad Pitt to Sean “Diddy” Combs to Perkins Coie associates.  Many men, including this one, would like nothing better than to complement their autumn overcoat or new suit with a hat.  This is particularly true if you’re gradually slipping into the permanent short-shorn look of middle age. Yet something holds us back. It’s not the idea that the ladies won’t appreciate our revivalist look. It’s the notion that we assume we will look like a fop and suffer the derision from so-called friends.

Maybe, but so long as the hat is worn with confidence, then whether you’re wearing a fedora, a bowler, a porkpie, or a homburg, you’re in the clear.

If you are interest in a hat, there’s no better place than Byrnie Utz Hat’s at 310 Union St. With the best and largest hat selection on the entire West Coast, you’ll find toppers by Dobbs, Jonathan Richards, Bailey, and Borsalino.

There are very few shops like Byrnie Utz in Seattle. And I’m not just talking hat shops. The place has a classic feel with warm woods and crisp rows of oval-shaped Stetson boxes lining the walls. Prices range from $30.00 up to $500.00; and even if you can’t tell the difference between a pork pie and a homburg, the owners, Paul and Bev Ferry will prove themselves more than helpful in finding a hat that suits your particular taste.


Find Byrnie Utz:

310 Union Street Seattle, WA 98101-2206 (206) 623-0233

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