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Better ways to weekend...

It seems as though there’s a common consensus that once the sun tucks away for the winter, so too must Seattleites. We hang around our homes and apartments using the same excuse time and again: the weather is terrible. Sure, fine, the weather isn’t grand, but that doesn’t mean your social schedule needs to fall into hibernation. I’m not saying you ought to spit in the face of Mother Nature and go to the beach when its 38 degrees out and there’s a southwesterly gale coming in at 30 mph, because Mother Nature will spit back. What I am saying is that there are options for the weekend that don’t include padding your midsection at home or freezing on a muddy bike trail.

Here are some ideas.



After getting off work on a Friday, unless you’re going home to the misses and the kids, there's no reason to skip out on happy hour. My recommendations range from the conventional Daniel’s Broiler down on Lake union, where you can order a steady flow of lobster tails or crab legs for $8/a plate, to unconventional and personal favorite The Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard. If you’re downtown, try either Maximilien’s in Pike Market or The Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House on Second.



I could recommend brunch somewhere on Lake Union, but I’m betting you already have a favorite spot. And recommending brunches seems somehow much more snobbish than recommending happy hours.

So instead, on Saturday morning, I’m going to say you should shy away from your usual coffee haunts. Abandon Starbucks and Tully’s and even Café Ladro. Try being a coffee snob for one day. If you’re on Capitol Hill, try Café Vita on East Pike, Victrola on 15th, Bauhaus Books and Coffee on East Pine, Vivace at Brix on Broadway. If you’re in Queen Anne, try El Diablo or Caffé Vita. And down in Pioneer Square, you’ve got Vita, Trabant Coffee and Chai, and Cherry Street Coffee down on Cherry Street. If you try any drink from any of these places, you will not regret it.

Now, for the evening. Presuming you’re not the sort who flinches at theatre, the 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Cinderella is stunning.  I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the performance, which runs November 25th through December 31st. Though I’m usually the boor at the bar during most productions, I was riveted to my seat. The performances and the set design are incredible. If you like musicals or simply want to score points with your significant other, this is the thing to do.



Since the college season is practically done and gone, this is your time for football, church, and peace.

I will not recommend churches. That may be a tad presumptuous.

I will not recommend you watch the Seahawks. That may be a tad depressing. (Though if you do want to get a beer and watch the game you have to go to Pyramid Breweries. You’ll need a lot of beer.”

And as for peace? Sometimes that can be found in a good book and there are few I’d recommend over Cormic McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, an eschatological tale of real cowboys. Or you could read the new Job’s biography. Up to you.

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