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Gabbing and Gasping at the Golden Globes Glam!

We sat glued to the television, and, for a good reason-the 2012 Golden Globes were about to begin! For the last thirty minutes we had been part of an excited commentary full of yelps of glee and sighs and exclamations of disbelief. If you didn’t know any better, you might have thought we were watching a sports game. To some, the Golden Globes are the women’s superbowl or the prom for celebrities. To others, like the third-year Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais, “The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton. 'Bit louder. Bit trashier. Bit drunker. And more easily bought... allegedly.” Well then, Ricky, tell us how you really feel!

To us sitting on the couch watching, they are more like a fairy tale fantasy. The connection is so surreal we comment on Brad and Angelina referring to them by their first names as if we have known them for years. They become like the characters in a novel that we embrace and then miss as though we have lost a friend once we've reached the end of the story.

Movie Stars are an enigma in themselves. We see them on the big screen in a role portraying someone they aren’t and we feel as though we know them on a personal level. We thrive on paparazzi, viewing their personal style and lifestyle. It is quite intriguing. It sets the tone in how we look and dress because we want to emulate them, especially when it comes to fashion.

Gown after gown flows and flaunts down the runway. There are smiles and beautiful hairdos and Prince Charmings swarming the screen. The themes are slightly different this year. It was reminiscent of true Hollywood Nostalgia with a little bit of Lana and Humphrey showing up in the do’s waves and formal tuxedo’s that defined the manly man. The event is bright and colorful; there is less black than normal. There are patterns and textures, lots of feathers and sculpture. Celebrities expose bare shoulders and chiseled silhouttes in all over beading that dazzled into Coup de Velour and transparency laced in point d’espiri with trains tailing behind our glamorous modern day princesses. Luxury is at its finest done by the Masters of Fashion Artistry and refined down to the last thread.

By the end of party, we feel like we'd been there. Seriously considering getting some celebratory champagne for ourselves, we sit down to make our final decisions…

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Our friends on Facebook wanted to voice their opinions so we’ve decided to include them here. Next time, we want to hear yours too!

Duell Fisher tells us his top picks for the Fashionable Men 1 - Zachery Levi - NBC's Chuck, on the Glam cam from E! Entertainment Online 2 - George Clooney - Total Hollywood glam 3 - Leonardo DiCaprio - Peak lapels great bow tie... 4 - Matthew Morrison - His grey tux with a vest (and that he knew to NOT to button his jacket with a vest) and the pocket watch or chain across the vest total take on Hollywood of yesteryear! 5 - Benjamin Millepied with fiance Natalie Portman - LOVED his 4 button double brested tux!!!

Honorable Mentions: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal - Loved his 6 button double-breasted tux with a classic bow tie and studded tux shirt! 2. Colin Firth - need I saw more??! 3. Johnny Depp except for the shoes Judy Henrichs: Best: “Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Absolutely stunning. I have put her in first place because I am a fan of women with curves and those who know how to show them off. She exuded glamour, elegance and has ‘sexy’ oozing from every pore! The deep royal blue was unique to the evening and a perfect match for her skin tone and hair color.” Worst:“ Lea Michelle – DISASTER…The hairdo made her look like an old school marm and the dress, believe me I love Marchesa as much as the next intelligent, thinking person – should not have been on her body. Someone like Charlize Theron or one of the super model presenters could have pulled that off, but for lack of a better description, it looked ridiculous on her!” Joan Kelly: “Love Vera Wang! Totally hot!” (on Sofia Vergara) Austria Gracey: “Emma Stone at Golden Globes: absolutely stunning!” Clara L.: “Jane Fonda’s dress was one of the most stunning beautiful there and she was beautiful too” We really enjoy getting your opinion on what’s happening. Please, feel free to spill all those secret opinions on our Facebook fan page!

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Maybe next time we’ll put you in the article!

Fashionably yours, Andrea and Maggie B

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