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Looking to Revitalize your Wardrobe? Nordstrom Personal Styling is Your Destination

We have all done it. Walked into a store and been frozen, eyes wide, mouth open. Suddenly transformed into a statue version of the confident beautiful woman we were moments before; our eyes dart from place to place trying to take all of it in. We feel that familiar sense of excitement that comes from being around new clothes. We feel that sense of admiration and awe at their beauty. But mostly, at this frozen moment, we feel lost and the pressure of time constraints begin to set in. Our response? Go to the closest rack, or go to that old familiar and glance through with little to no real objective. Pick up this, pick up that, add this accessory, maybe those shoes… We get home and look over what we’ve purchased. We glance at what is already in our closet. Then comes the sigh. These things are great, but there are too many clothes in disarray that have no rhyme or reason why they were chosen to be part of a collection that is not conducive to our lifestyle and persona? Still, it is the perfect sweater, and that scarf is to die for.We'll just hang them up here and wear them later. Now… where is that simple black dress we know we can always pull on… Ah ha! Well, nobody will notice we're wearing the same thing again, right?

Wait! It doesn't have to be like this! There is a solution to wardrobe woes!

Maggie B and I went to Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle last week to get a first hand look into the Personal Styling Department. We talked with, Melissa Merrit, the Personal Stylist and Customer Relationship Director of the Northwest. When we first walked up to her, there was no doubt in our mind that any feelings of intimidation or being overwhelmed would be dissipated. She was the easiest woman to talk with, to share our needs and hopes and dreams for our style with, and to trust that she would provide us with the looks and clothes that were just right.

Meilssa Merrit

In a short time she taught us the benefits and How To’s when it comes to hiring a personal stylist from Nordstrom. In light of the fact that we will be spending more time with our new personal styling friends, let us give you just a brief outline of what we learned. More to come soon!

What can a personal stylist do for you?

Styling gives you the overall vision and version of the store from head to toe the total look in dressing that is conducive to your lifestyle and style. Their expertise lends itself to an image of you and translates the choices that you wear. Everyone plays the starring role in their day and we should all have a memorable performance.

What is the difference between a personal stylist and a sales assistant?

Because a stylist will develop a lasting relationship with you, he or she knows how to interact and coordinate the clothes you already own with new clothes that instigate excitement and accent a theme of who you are. Stylists know the merchandise in the entire store while sales assistants are only required to know the merchandise in their department. Therefore, stylists are able to craft complete looks for you from a wide variety of styles as well as a range of price points.

When would I want to work with a personal stylist?

When it comes to personal styling, think big. Personal stylists can help you with any shopping need you have! Are you looking for a revised look for your new job or major life event? Is it a special occasion? They can even help you with your shopping for the whole family. Maybe you want a fun girl’s night out? Plan a date with a personal stylist and everyone come play dress up!

Okay, okay, so how much do I have to pay for this service?

Nothing! Personal styling consultations are free. There is no expectation of you to buy any of the clothes either. Nordstrom is here to help. If it isn’t right for you, they can keep trying. But there are never any obligations.

Great, so how do I contact a personal stylist?

There are a few ways to get in contact with a personal stylist. Maybe your favorite sales person becomes a personal stylist providing you with a natural connection. If that doesn’t happen, or you don’t have a favorite sales person, you can always call your favorite Nordstrom and ask for a personal styling appointment. Check their personal stylist page online for more information!

Personal Styling is easy and fun and great way to give your look that extra pow! that you’ve been reaching for. Get out there and try it!

Fashionably yours, Andrea and Maggie B

Ps. Glance through the gallery below for a behind the scenes look at Maggie B and Andrea's personal styling experience!

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Photo credits: Duell Fisher from Team Photogenic

Hair and makeup by Gene Juarez

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