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Dogmopolitan Living for A Girl’s Best Friend!

High Maintenance Bitch® is a pet industry empire that manufactures in sophisticated dog apparel and accessories founded by siblings Lori and Ryan Pacchiano. Starting out humble inside their grandmother’s garage in 2002, they are now considered leaders in pet fashion with products available in hundreds of stores worldwide. HMB is the most publicized luxury pet brand in the world and has the most celebrity clients including: Tyra Banks, Ellen Degeneres, Hilary Duff, Debra Messing, Kathy Griffin, and Paris Hilton, among many others.  They have been featured in numerous magazine publications, newspapers, radio talk shows, and have made appearances on renowned TV show like “The View,” “Access Hollywood,” “The Simple Life,” “Tyra,” and “Dateline NBC”.


HMB was nominated for the Seattle Mayor’s Business Award in 2003 and in 20o2, their feather boas were rated as one of the Hot 100 products. The Pet Feather™ is the hottest fashion for pets because it enhances the natural beauty of your yet while allowing them to behave freely—taking pet glamour to a whole new level!

 HMB Feather Boa on a Boston Terrier

Kathy Griffin sporting a Pet Feather with Lola in the HMB Booth at the Emmy Awards Hollywood buffet for celebrities.

Kathy Griffin sporting the Pet Feather Boa

The company received immediate media attention since they were the very first pet to grace the Official Golden Globe Baskets as well as eventually attending The Emmy’s and Golden Globe parties to hand deliver swag bags to Hollywood’s A-Lister’s. HMB provides anything and everything for your precious pup from tarot card readings, teeth-cleaning, “cosmuttics,” to $45,000 magnetic diamond earrings and $1 million dollar extravagant parties. They are known for doing things over the top because they strongly believe that, “Starting from when she’s just a pup, your little bitch will require proper grooming to become the diva she was born to be.”

HMB began opening the first chain of high end pet brand stores in 2004 and was named two of the thirteen most “Up and Coming” influential people in Seattle by both “Seattle Magazine” and “Seattle’s Best New Pet Boutique” a year later. They celebrated the worldwide release of its calendar and new book “The High Maintenance Bitch,” which is an informative guide to pampering and accessorizing your little princess’ way out of the doghouse and into the penthouse suite!

Their last TV series was called “Show Dog Moms and Dads” that was broadcasted on Bravo and Animal Planet in 70 different countries from 2005-2010 and they also have a reality TV series called “High Maintenance Bitch” that focuses around co-founders Lori and Ryan along with socialite, model, and HMB’s arm candy Melissa Kinzer doing many outlandish things in order to satisfy the eccentric needs of their clients.

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