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Renewed Me, Renewed YOU!

On August 4, 2010, my life completely changed.  I received a phone call from one of my brothers, saying my mother had “had an episode,” was in the Intensive Care Unit and had already been unconscious for an hour.  I remember all the unnecessary details from that moment… where I was standing in my kitchen, what I was doing and even what I was wearing.  I dropped everything, drove as quickly as I could to the hospital and couldn’t find my mother’s room fast enough.  All I knew was that I needed to get there, and nothing else in that moment mattered. Little did I know all that was ahead of me… seeing my mother connected to all those machines and not knowing I would soon learn the difference between a coma and a persistent vegetative state… or what anoxic brain injury meant-- or that her brain damage was irreversible.  I had no idea that the hospital was going to become my home for nearly four months and that I wouldn’t hear my mother’s voice again.  I didn’t know I’d become the family’s point person for the doctors, my mother’s health advocate and the family meeting planner… and somehow try to be the “glue” that would take on more than I could handle.

I don’t share this for sympathy or sadness.  I share this because it is a part of my own journey and it was a few months after my mom passed that a dear friend invited me to the island of Oahu.  She said, “Amy, let me take care of you for a week.  You need a break!”

Each day of this trip gave me something I can barely describe in words.  Perhaps it was relief, accepting kindness and compassion from another human being, finding a sacred place to breathe again, or a combination of the above.  I gave myself permission to focus on my own health and wellness again.  We exercised outside every morning and then packed her jeep for another beautiful day at a beach, mostly away from all the touristy areas.  I played with her two children and sometimes just sat and stared at the waves as they brushed up against my feet.

Something amazing happened on this trip.  I had a vision of a higher purpose for myself; I pictured offering a place for others to go, be rejuvenated and renewed so they could breathe again in their everyday lives.  People go through loss all the time, loss of loved ones, loss of their own dreams, loss of health or a passion for living.  And sometimes, they just need another person to remind them of who they are and what unique gifts they can share with the world.

I am excited to say this vision is becoming a reality.  After a year of planning, I’m co-hosting my first, destination “Renew You Retreat” May 31st through June 3rd in beautiful La Quinta (Palm Desert), California.  My co-host is Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Katie Wygant, and our May 31st retreat is designed for women.  We have booked some reservations, and we have a few spots still available. If anyone you know is seeking a renewal of health, fitness or mindset, I will be honored to have them as part of my renewed journey.  I dedicate this first retreat to my sweet mother, who I know is smiling down on me!

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