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Shift Your Awareness

Do you have a few minutes to take for yourself right now?  We’re going to do a little exercise. Take out a pen and paper.  I want you to think about where you are in your life.  Make a list of five roles you currently play in your everyday life.

Now spend a little time with each of these roles and how you feel about them.  Are each of them fulfilling to you?  Are any of them just for you, or are all of them supporting everyone and everything else around you?

Now make a NEW list.  Jot down five roles you would LOVE to play in your life.  Don’t think about whether or not they are “possible,” just what you would love to do or be.

Compare the two lists and see if any of the five are the same.

Oftentimes, only one out of the five (if that) is the same.  Or, maybe you haven’t thought about what you’d love to do in so long, the second list was difficult to come up with.  You’ve been so busy devoting your life to other people and other things, making yourself the very LAST priority.  It may seem like a noble concept, sacrificing your life’s precious time for others.  But it can be detrimental to you and those around you, if you continue to put yourself last.

Now let me ask you this.  When was the last time you REALLY felt alive?  When did you feel that excitement about where you were and what was ahead of you?

What did that feel like?

What if you could feel that level of excitement and bliss every single day?

You CAN.  You simply have to make a decision to shift your awareness.  Perhaps you don’t believe this or are feeling resistant to this concept.  If you feel resistant or uncomfortable, I want you to think about WHY you are resisting this concept.

For once, this discomfort is a GOOD thing.  This initial resistance or emotional reaction is the exact place you need to be for transformation to begin. You have a CHOICE.  The choice of staying exactly where you are OR being open to transformation and experiencing life with a new, bright set of eyes.

At some point in your life, you may have made the decision or agreement with yourself that you “can’t do this” or “can’t do that.”   My challenge for you over the next month is to change your language.  Instead of saying “I can’t,” I want you to say, “I can, but I choose not to...”  I empower you to believe that you are capable of absolutely anything.

Look around you.  Everything that is your life right now is a reflection of choices you have made,  awareness you have had, acceptance of your life “as is”.  YOU are not a victim.  You have been given this gift called LIFE, and you can either keep all the agreements you’ve made with yourself up until this point, OR you can make some new ones to shift your awareness, your life experience and ultimately, elevate your presence.

…To be continued in my next blog post!

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