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Fit for Summer

Getting Bikini Fit for summer doesn't have to be overwhelming, if you just start a few healthy habits week by week, you'll be ready for the Seattle sun by July when it gets here! Take a look at your eating habits, is there one thing you can change this week? Maybe it's switching out the soda for water with lemon, or only having one latte a day instead of two. Next, add one exercise habit to your schedule, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away at the mall, taking the dogs for a longer walk. I've started doing jump rope intervals, talk about cardio! Try jumping rope for 1 minute, rest 1 1/2 minutes, repeat. It's super if you travel, don't have a treadmill, or just have 10 minutes to workout. So you do all these things, and you still feel that your not making progress, take a second look at your food, and refine, refine, refine! Repeat after me, I love salads! Increase your veggie intake, and decrease your simple carbohydrates, i.e. Pasta, bread and rice. I know it can be a challenge, but by making small baby steps, you'll be able to turn these into long lasting changes. For more info, check out my website,, or email me for more great fitness tricks. In the best of health!

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